'end times' Tagged Sermons

'end times' Tagged Sermons

Tremble At His Word

The Jews didn’t understand the covenant was about to end because they weren’t close enough to God to hear His voice and because they weren’t interested in giving up their kingdoms for His. The Christian Church is in much the same position today. The covenant is about to end, and most Christians have no understanding of that. We’re preoccupied with big buildings and…

The Restitution of All Things

The church has a destination and all the tools needed to arrive successfully, but the priority is big buildings and successful men instead of souls and knowing God and His plan for the end times. God showed these things by the mouth of all His prophets, so the church should know the plan because Jesus opened The Book.

Tribulation, The Kingdom & Patience

John was writing to the various churches about endurance – endurance in tribulation and the things that pertain to our eternal security. Endurance is a patience that does not surrender to circumstances or succumb under trial, a patience that doesn’t accept defeat. God uses John to bring constructive correction to churches and promises for those who overcome the trials…

How Will You Spend the Last Days?

God is bringing the church to an appointment with change. Some of us are still in “take your ease, easy living Christianity” mode. Others already know Jesus as their very breath, their shield and buckler. Knowing Him less is as nothing and all of Christianity is going to get rid of the foolishness as we come under pressure. In 2 Timothy 3, Paul was writing to Timothy…

Covenants, Feasts, Sabbath, End Times

The Covenants, the 7 Jewish Feasts and the Sabbath Day all provide priceless information to the church about what the End Times are and what they are not. Satan wants to confuse the world and divide the church but if we understand God’s plan for His church, we cannot be deceived by the doctrines of men. The church must walk in truth and throw off the confusion that…

Outrun It

The Bible tells us to pray that our flight would not be in the winter or on the sabbath day. Pastor Ricley explains what that time of “flight” and “sabbath” means to us in the context of God building an army, not to run away from the battle, but to live through the battle. We read the word “tribulation” and respond with “I’m outta here”. We’ve even found a doctrine of…

The Feast of Tabernacles

Tonight, we are talking about the last of the Jewish feasts. We began this study on the feasts because the pictures that God gave us in the Old Testament are an important part of the picture that you and I are living today. There were seven Jewish feasts and we realize that four of them were fulfilled physically in the life of Christ. There is no debate on that whatsoever.
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