'flesh' Tagged Sermons

'flesh' Tagged Sermons

Let God Be The Judge

Jesus cautioned us not to judge by what we see and/or hear, yet we do wisdom the carnal way. Our flesh will always side with Barabbas. Our flesh looks at the story of Cain and Abel and we feel compassion for Cain and judge God as harsh – but God knew what was going on in Cain’s heart towards his brother long before he killed him. It’s not about man’s wisdom – it’s all…

Tremble At His Word

The Jews didn’t understand the covenant was about to end because they weren’t close enough to God to hear His voice and because they weren’t interested in giving up their kingdoms for His. The Christian Church is in much the same position today. The covenant is about to end, and most Christians have no understanding of that. We’re preoccupied with big buildings and…

The Restitution of All Things

The church has a destination and all the tools needed to arrive successfully, but the priority is big buildings and successful men instead of souls and knowing God and His plan for the end times. God showed these things by the mouth of all His prophets, so the church should know the plan because Jesus opened The Book.

The Will To Do His Will

There are two spiritual kingdoms – the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. The desire to do His will is the ingrained evidence of God’s indwelling presence. The new man would want to do what pleases God. The old man cannot because it’s not under His dominion. If I want to do His will, He will lead me because I’m not in conflict with Him.

Sons of Belial

Sons of Belial were part of the congregation, trusted leaders with a preponderance to move away from the true doctrine of God, and the ability to take others with them. These sons do things according to their flesh, fighting against the authority of God by doing the things of God in their own way, refusing to bow to Kingdom of God. Scripture gives us several examples of…

The Robbery of Fleshly Arguments

The carnal mind is enmity against God. After the Sermon on the Mount there were two groups of people. There were those who humbled down, having received the baptism of John, and who knew that all Jesus had said was right. The Pharisees and lawyers argued against God’s Word and rejected Him and the blessings that faith would have brought to them. This sermon challenges us…

We’ve Got The Power

The church has forgotten that in the covenant is the Tree of Life. This tree isn’t for us because as believers we will never die. The Tree is for those around us who are dying in their sins. When we were washed in the blood, there was enough blood to cover all our sins for our entire life with some left over to give away. The church needs to return to fearing God, living…

Set Yourself in the Story

We all have a tendency to murmur and complain about the things that go on in our lives. If we read the Word with the understanding that the story is about us and about God’s plan of victory for our lives, we would follow the pattern Jesus set out for us to follow. Jesus’ story was foretold in the Bible and He governed His life by what the Word said, even knowing that…

The Revelation of Christ

The trials and persecution we encounter in this life serve the purpose of glorifying God in us and in His church. We can choose to find our way out of a trial to escape the buffeting to our flesh or we can allow God to take us through it so we can be counted worthy to fellowship in His suffering and be counted worthy to be one of the believers He will reveal Himself in.