'hearing' Tagged Sermons

'hearing' Tagged Sermons

Message of Truth & Hope

When the Spirit and Presence of God is within us, He can get us to the right place at the right time with the right message. Churches are distracted and weak, fighting each other over doctrinal issues while the real enemy rages and is robbing people of peace and hope. Put off the old man and be renewed so if you’re the one person standing between heaven and hell in a…

A Devout Man

There were 3 men described as “devout” in the New Testament. Each story was about how God moved powerfully in their lives, honoring their devotion. Be encouraged that as we determine to be devout in our relationship with God He will use us and move through us in the same ways. Scripture: Acts 8:1-3, Luke 2:25-35, Acts 10:1-6

Tremble At His Word

The Jews didn’t understand the covenant was about to end because they weren’t close enough to God to hear His voice and because they weren’t interested in giving up their kingdoms for His. The Christian Church is in much the same position today. The covenant is about to end, and most Christians have no understanding of that. We’re preoccupied with big buildings and…

Battles Require Mind of God

Jesus was in a continual battle with the priesthood because they wanted to catch Him with His words to find a way to imprison or kill Him. We’re in the same battles today as more people want to fight against what’s true and right. We need the mind of God, the Word of God, the Spirit and Presence of God to answer the questions people have in this hour.

The Will To Do His Will

There are two spiritual kingdoms – the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. The desire to do His will is the ingrained evidence of God’s indwelling presence. The new man would want to do what pleases God. The old man cannot because it’s not under His dominion. If I want to do His will, He will lead me because I’m not in conflict with Him.

Heavenly Authority

The angel Gabriel had no qualms about the authority he had in delivering message to Mary about the birth of Jesus. Sometimes we’re troubled by the message because we just don’t get it. The world is rapidly changing. God wants us to take the salutation of the Word into our heart. He wants us to question what’s going on – is it from God? People say lots of things, prophesy…

Walking in Victory

Pastor Ricley was asked to define what it is to walk in victory with Christ. He answered the question using Joseph’s life as an example, showing how God brings us through every accusation brought against us. Our victory is assured because Jesus ever lives to make intercession for us.
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