'Holy Spirit' Tagged Sermons

'Holy Spirit' Tagged Sermons

Message of Truth & Hope

When the Spirit and Presence of God is within us, He can get us to the right place at the right time with the right message. Churches are distracted and weak, fighting each other over doctrinal issues while the real enemy rages and is robbing people of peace and hope. Put off the old man and be renewed so if you’re the one person standing between heaven and hell in a…

Battles Require Mind of God

Jesus was in a continual battle with the priesthood because they wanted to catch Him with His words to find a way to imprison or kill Him. We’re in the same battles today as more people want to fight against what’s true and right. We need the mind of God, the Word of God, the Spirit and Presence of God to answer the questions people have in this hour.

The Will To Do His Will

There are two spiritual kingdoms – the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. The desire to do His will is the ingrained evidence of God’s indwelling presence. The new man would want to do what pleases God. The old man cannot because it’s not under His dominion. If I want to do His will, He will lead me because I’m not in conflict with Him.

Fire is Better than Water

Few talk about how Jesus promised to send “another Comforter” – the Holy Spirit to bring us comfort in the storms. God comes inside us, births us of the Spirit, so we can have relationship with Him. We repent, are born again and are baptized in the Holy Spirit. The rebirth opens our ears to His voice and it’s the fire baptism that leaves in ashes those things we want out…
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