'rest' Tagged Sermons

'rest' Tagged Sermons

An Honest Judge

In this study, Pastor Ricley teaches on Psalms 11-15 and then he’s asked to explain 1 John 5:14-21. These verses all work together to establish that it’s only God who knows a man’s heart and He will always do what is right. We don’t need to understand, we just need to rest in His will in any given situation.

Right Fellowship

Between the promise and the realization of the promise is a rest. The Apostle John tells us that in right fellowship with Jesus, we have the ability to behold Him, to touch Him, to hear and see Him. In that right fellowship we learn that we can rest in who He is, and not in who We are. Right fellowship assures us that He is our Potter and He is pleased with His work.…

Relax in the Seed

An acorn doesn’t look like it has the power of the mighty oak, but it does. When we’re born again, God put the incorruptible seed of His Son in us – and it doesn’t look like we’re like Him – but we are. When we get religious and set lofty goals for ourselves, our efforts steal our peace. It is impossible to bring forth what we think God wants in our own power. We need to…

Mathew 5: Blessings

In the Beatitudes, God provides us with an understanding of our Christian walk and the way we progress in the Spirit. It starts with amnesty and it ends with amnesty; as His grace changes us it also changes how we treat others. The Sermon on the Mount challenges us to be honest about how well we truly rest in Jesus as our Sabbath.