'transformation' Tagged Sermons

'transformation' Tagged Sermons

The Will To Do His Will

There are two spiritual kingdoms – the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. The desire to do His will is the ingrained evidence of God’s indwelling presence. The new man would want to do what pleases God. The old man cannot because it’s not under His dominion. If I want to do His will, He will lead me because I’m not in conflict with Him.


When we go to the altar and give our life to Christ, that’s just the beginning. We have to come to the place where we see the gift we’ve been given as priceless and worth any cost to hold on to. He who endures to the end shall be saved.

Healing the Blind & the Lame

We’re in an hour when the Church can’t afford to get it’s eyes off the eternal. We no longer have the time to become entangled in earthly squabbles. If ever the light of Jesus needed to shine, it is now. If we’re going to take the message of salvation to the world, our vessels must be clean. Jesus will cleanse this temple that we are if we want Him more than we want the…

A Womb Worthy of His Seed

Joseph is a picture of Christ and Tamar is a picture of a worthy bride, willing to risk it all – even unto death – to bring glory to God. God uses her life as an admonition to us – do we choose to be a concubine or the bride? To pretend or to marry truth? Anyone can go to church – but not just any bride will do. The choice starts with us.

How Will You Spend the Last Days?

God is bringing the church to an appointment with change. Some of us are still in “take your ease, easy living Christianity” mode. Others already know Jesus as their very breath, their shield and buckler. Knowing Him less is as nothing and all of Christianity is going to get rid of the foolishness as we come under pressure. In 2 Timothy 3, Paul was writing to Timothy…

Numbering Our Days

The events that are going on around us and the demands on our time press us to choose between the material world we live in and the realities of eternal choices. God is bringing all of our hearts into a place of decision about what we want to do with Him. When we assign a number to our days we maintain a sense of where we are on the timeline and a motivation to hold to…
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