'trials' Tagged Sermons

'trials' Tagged Sermons

Lay Aside Every Weight (Hebrews)

The Book of Hebrews serves as a reminder to us to go back to the foundations of what Christianity is. Our relationship with an indwelling God who directs our path daily as we yield to Him sets us free from bondage to the law. We can lay aside the weight of trying to get ourselves to heaven. Faith in His promises reassures us that as long as we stay in relationship with…

Walking in Victory

Pastor Ricley was asked to define what it is to walk in victory with Christ. He answered the question using Joseph’s life as an example, showing how God brings us through every accusation brought against us. Our victory is assured because Jesus ever lives to make intercession for us.

Tribulation, The Kingdom & Patience

John was writing to the various churches about endurance – endurance in tribulation and the things that pertain to our eternal security. Endurance is a patience that does not surrender to circumstances or succumb under trial, a patience that doesn’t accept defeat. God uses John to bring constructive correction to churches and promises for those who overcome the trials…

Purpose of God

God has a purpose in all our lives. Sometimes we go through really hard things to either prepare us for His use or so that those around us can see Him working through our circumstances. In the midst of the devil’s lying voice we need to remain steadfast and hold to the promises of God, trusting that He has a plan we cannot yet see.

Shut in with God

God shut Noah in and provided all the protection he needed through the judgment that He brought on the land. God wants to shut us in to teach us that He’ll fight our battles for us, direct our lives, bring us peace in the midst of turmoil, safety in any storm. As we allow Him to teach us and transform us, we become His tabernacle and we can take Him wherever we go to…

Circumstance or Character?

We are given the shield of faith as part of the armor of God. If we live in a physical realm, we expect the shield to protect us. Shield of faith is to be used to protect the character of our life. There are things that come our way in the physical realm that come against our flesh, our family, the church. We’re meant to use the shield to stop circumstances from touching…