'truth' Tagged Sermons

'truth' Tagged Sermons

How to Be a Teaching Priest

As it was during the time of King Asa, so it is in this generation: “Now for a long season Israel hath been without the true God, and without a teaching priest, and without law.” (2 Chron. 15:3). A teaching priest knows God, knows His voice and His statutes, and walks in obedience and surrender to God. The aim of a teaching priest is to establish a foundation of truth…

Battles Require Mind of God

Jesus was in a continual battle with the priesthood because they wanted to catch Him with His words to find a way to imprison or kill Him. We’re in the same battles today as more people want to fight against what’s true and right. We need the mind of God, the Word of God, the Spirit and Presence of God to answer the questions people have in this hour.

What Is Truth?

The church is at a place where it should never have been – full of confusion. Everyone disagrees and the world knows it. How can this be when Jesus came to bear witness of the truth and every Book of the Bible reveals Him? We are the offspring of God and should be walking in that power and truth.

The Bethlehem Strategy

God knows how to bring us to the place where we can separate truth from lies. Religion can cause you to define God how you want, allow you to do what you want to do. False god versus True God. John saw God with eyes as flames of fire searching for dross that needs to be burned out. Saw the God who spoke light into existence. Bethlehem strategy gives us Jesus, born in a…

An Epistle in Our Heart

When the truth is written in us, it’s not only in our life, but in the lives of the people we encounter who will read that epistle. Paul loved the people in Corinth into important decisions. Led them on a path at the end of which was a righteous God. The way through to victory is not to find out what’s sin and not do it – it’s about the blood, confession and repentance -…
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