'victory' Tagged Sermons

'victory' Tagged Sermons

Lay Aside Every Weight (Hebrews)

The Book of Hebrews serves as a reminder to us to go back to the foundations of what Christianity is. Our relationship with an indwelling God who directs our path daily as we yield to Him sets us free from bondage to the law. We can lay aside the weight of trying to get ourselves to heaven. Faith in His promises reassures us that as long as we stay in relationship with…

The Will To Do His Will

There are two spiritual kingdoms – the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. The desire to do His will is the ingrained evidence of God’s indwelling presence. The new man would want to do what pleases God. The old man cannot because it’s not under His dominion. If I want to do His will, He will lead me because I’m not in conflict with Him.

Walking in Victory

Pastor Ricley was asked to define what it is to walk in victory with Christ. He answered the question using Joseph’s life as an example, showing how God brings us through every accusation brought against us. Our victory is assured because Jesus ever lives to make intercession for us.

An Epistle in Our Heart

When the truth is written in us, it’s not only in our life, but in the lives of the people we encounter who will read that epistle. Paul loved the people in Corinth into important decisions. Led them on a path at the end of which was a righteous God. The way through to victory is not to find out what’s sin and not do it – it’s about the blood, confession and repentance -…

Set Yourself in the Story

We all have a tendency to murmur and complain about the things that go on in our lives. If we read the Word with the understanding that the story is about us and about God’s plan of victory for our lives, we would follow the pattern Jesus set out for us to follow. Jesus’ story was foretold in the Bible and He governed His life by what the Word said, even knowing that…

Identity Crisis

All too often the church identifies with the God who judges. We read the Word and we identify with the ungodly and expect wrath to be poured out on us. It’s time for the church to identify with the God of victory, the Author and Finisher of Our Faith, the God who comforts. It’s time for the church to remember that we are His offspring, born of Champion seed and that we…
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