Absolutes of God

Absolutes of God

What Are Absolutes?

Our everyday lives find structure in the thousands of things we accept as truths, from the numbers we use to the names of colors and textures. There are absolutes in the Bible, and they are constants in the spiritual realm, just as “2+2” is a constant in the physical realm.

Absolutes of God is about the Word of God and its building blocks of truth — “the first principles of the oracles of God” (Hebrews 5:12) — which have been forgotten or misplaced.

In our society, we have insisted that diversity is good. In reality, what we have are divisions created by an ignorance of God’s definition of truth. The one Authority who can settle all arguments in the controversies that divide us is the Holy Ghost, and we have ignored Him!

God’s desire is that the words He spoke become alive in His people so that He is seen in His church. God wants to be visible, not only to His church, but also to the whole world. He wants to see truth believed and lived out in front of the entire world.

Seven Absolutes of God

1. God’s will for man is that he be perfect in Christ Jesus.

2. The knowledge of good and evil does not produce godly believers or healthy Christians.

3. The natural man does not receive the things of God.

4. Every believer must know the voice of God.

5. The Holy Ghost is the Teacher sent from God to indwell every believer.

6. Once we repent of our sins, we become His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus.

7. The Bible was written both historically and spiritually.


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